Event Registration

Season event registration for 900, 1000/TURBO and PRO BOUNTY opens JAN. 1st and closes FEB. 28th

Single event registration for 9-13 JUNIOR, 900, 1000/TURBO and PRO BOUNTY will open 21 days prior to the scheduled event date and will close 5 days prior to the schedules event date.

10 positions in 9-13 JUNIOR (certain events),

20 positions in the 900 PRODUCTION (All 6 events)

20 positions in 1000/TURBO PRODUCTION (All 6 events)

15 positions in the PRO BOUNTY for (All 6 events)

Event registration for 9-13 JUNIOR is $25.00 per person, per event. If there is less than 6 competitors this class will be canceled for that race. If a competitor turns 14 during the season he or she can continue racing. 9-13 JUNIOR events are yet to be determined.

Event registration for 900 and 1000/TURBO is $50.00 per person, per class, per event for all 6 events.

Event registration for PRO BOUNTY is $150.00 per person, per event for all 6 events.

If pre-registered for all 6 events by FEB. 28th you'll receive one pass to admit one additional person for all 6 events.

Under no circumstances will REFUNDS be given on single event or season registration if a competitor is unable to make a event. However a competitor is permitted to sell their spot but is required to handle all transactions and must notify Midwest Motorsports LLC via email at str8sxs@gmail.com prior to race day.

Registration does not include additional park fees for days before or after the event.

Driver's that do not pre-register will be required to pay admission into the park on race day.

To register, you must send an email to str8upsxs@gmail.com with your name and address along with the class you wish to enter for that event. Positions in each class will be filled according to the date and time the email was received if more than 20 in Production and 15 in Pro Bounty are received. Once you are pre-registered you will receive a confirmation email which will include directions on how to pay your registration fee. This confirmation letter must be presented to park/event personal when entering on the day of or days before the event.

Competitors are permitted to compete in multiple classes but must use a different vehicle for each class in order to receive points in both classes. If a competitor races the same vehicle in multiple classes he or she must decide which class they'll take point at tech in. A racers vehicle does not have to be owned by the racer or another racer competing in that event.

If a driver is under 18 years of age a written consent will be required from a parent or legal guardian. (this is required at the time of registration)