Points & Protest

900 and 1000/TURBO PRODUCTION Points Rules

(Neither the 9-13 JUNIOR or BOUNTY SERIES will aquire points throughout the season) The competitor with the most wins in the BOUNTY SERIES will be crowned Champion at the end of the season. If multiple driver's have the same amount of wins a tie breaker hill/s will be chosen at Stony Lonesome NOV. 18th until there's a clear winner. To be eligible a competitor must compete in a minimum of 5 events and must attend the finals on NOV. 18th.

900 and 1000/TURBO PRODUCTION points Champion will be based off 5 events. Any competitor that competes in all 6 events will be required to forfit their lowest points gained at a single event. In the event of a tie the competitor with the most wins will be declared the Champion.

Points are awarded per the position a competitor finishes at each event (refer to points format for points per position)


Points stay with the driver and not the vehicle. Driver is not limited to the same vehicle for the entire series.


Driver points CAN NOT be transferred from one class to another class under no circumstances.


Driver points CAN NOT be transferred from one driver to another driver under no circumstances.


Drivers are permitted to compete in multiple classes as long as he or she uses a different vehicle for each class.  


Multiple drivers can compete in the same vehicle in the same class (the switching of drivers and running a vehicle in multiple classes is not permitted)


If a vehicle is unable to compete due to mechanical failure after the vehicle has passed through tech, the driver WILL NOT be allowed to switch to a different vehicle. If the driver is able to repair his or her vehicle, he or she will be placed at the end of the class as long as the class is still running. If vehicle repairs are not completed when called to the starting line he or she will receive a DNS (Did Not Start) and receive 0 points. To receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) the driver and his or her vehicle must break the start timer under its own power.


If a driver’s vehicle is found to be non-compliant with class rules from a protest he or she will lose 10 driver points.

PROTEST Process and Policy

All drivers are allowed one protest per event.


Drivers can only protest another driver competing in his or her class or classes.

The protest process must be initiated 1 hour prior to the start of the race.

The driver that chooses to protest another driver will be charged $200.00 and deducted 10 driver points from their series total.

If the protest is awarded to the driver protesting he or she will be refunded the $200.00 protest fee and his or her 10 driver points returned.

If the protest is awarded to competitor being protested he or she will be awarded $100.00 and

Midwest Motorsports LLC will retain the remaining $100.00.

If the driver being protested is found non compliant to the rules in his or hers class that competitor will be disqualified from that event. (No registration refund will be given under any circumstances).

Midwest Motorsports LLC has the right to rule the protest unjust at which point no fee will be charged and no points deducted.